South Africa to host IATA AGM

IATA AGM in Cape Town 2013

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that South African Airways will host the 69th IATA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and World Air Transport Summit (WATS). The event will draw the top leadership of the air transport industry to Cape Town’s International Convention Centre from 2-4 June 2013.

Along with shining a spotlight on Africa’s opportunities, the AGM and WATS will provide a forum for discussing its challenges. “Growth in Africa is impeded by regulatory burdens and a poor safety record compounded by the high fuel prices in many parts of the continent. IATA is working across the continent with governments, regulators and airlines to improve safety, sustainability and competitiveness. Holding the 2013 AGM and WATS in Cape Town will provide a prominent platform to address these issues and challenges,” said Tyler.

This year’s AGM and WATS in Beijing attracted some 750 airline industry leaders representing IATA’s 242 member airlines. It drew a further 350 journalists representing major media outlets from around the world.

This will be third time that the IATA AGM is held in Africa. Previous IATA AGM’s held in Cairo, Egypt (1946) and in Nairobi, Kenya (1991).