Cities Index makes interesting reading


To understand just how interconnected the world is. Mastercard have created a fascinating index  – to show how cities, particularly the ones in Africa, relate to each other.  

Durban is the city that will grow its tourist market the fastest in Africa this year, in terms of visitor numbers and expenditure.The MasterCard global destination cities index, which surveys visitor and expenditure numbers across 132 cities, found most visitors came to Durban for work and business.

The index included 12 other African cities — Johannesburg, Casablanca, Accra, Nairobi, Beira, Cape Town, Dakar, Kampala, Lagos, Maputo, Cairo and Tunis.

Johannesburg was tipped to be the second-most visited destination in Africa — behind Cairo — with a projected 2,5-million foreign visitors expected this year. The index estimated they would spend about $3bn this year, an 8% increase on last year’ s spend.

Cape Town was still a favourite destination, particularly for visitors from London, with their expenditure forecast to be $361m this year.

On the global index, London — which is hosting the Olympic London holds the top spot in terms of sheer visitors, with 16.9 million seen descending upon the city. Paris isn’t far behind at 16 million with Bangkok a distance third at 12.2 million. All three held the same positions last year, but Istanbul moved ahead of Hong Kong in the fifth spot. Singgapore remained at no. 4.  The  fastest growing cities, visitor-wise, are Rio de Janeiro with an expected 28.6% jump and Tokyo, riding a recovery from the disasters of last year, coming in at 21.5