...and some good news for rhinos



Atta members "The Far Horizons"  wish to congratulate the team at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Rhino Fund Uganda on the birth of a new baby rhino at some point during the night.

Bella, Atta's membership manager also joins in congratulations to her name sake Bella, one of the Southern White Rhinos at the sanctuary, who has been showing signs of an imminent birth ever since early December and was seen yesterday chasing away her previous calf, the 2 yr Augustu. 

This morning, when rangers went to take the daily 'rhino roll call' they carefully approached Bella to see the new addition nursing happily with her mother. The sex of the new baby has been confirmed as female, bringing a much needed balance to the proportion of male to female in this new generation of rhinos on the Sanctuary.

The total number of rhinos at Ziwa is now 11, including 6 adults, 3 adolescents, 1 six month old calf born last year, as well as this latest addition. Visitors to Uganda can enjoy rhino tracking at the Sanctuary, as well as other activities including a birding canoe safari with a high chance of seeing the famous Shoebill.