South Africa Stats Review

The validity of South Africa’s tourism arrival statistics is currently being investigated in a joint project by the The Tourism Business Council SA and SA Tourism.

Tommy Edmond TBCSA Chairman, told attendees this week that the coordinated effort with the Department of Home Affairs was aimed at verifying how the numbers are collected.

“We’ve concluded the first stage of the investigation and have raised three queries on the validity of the surveys that are run. We have never been able to get to how the statistics are collected and processed by Statistics South Africa,” he said.

SA Tourism chief marketing office Roshene Singh acknowledged that there seemed to be a discrepancy between the arrival statistics indicating growth that are released and the perception among tourism product owners that tourism demand from key source markets is soft.

“Nobody knows for sure why the statistics aren’t the same, but we do know for example that there are changes in travel behavior for instance with travellers staying in non-traditional areas or using different types of accommodation.

“We are working with the Department of Home Affairs to assess things like tourist spend and length of stay.”

Source Now Media