And now for something different, Gorillas & Pygmies

DM Africa offer an exciting new safari in Central Africa

The Tri-National Park of Central Africa basin includes the Dzangha Sangha National Park in Central Africa Republic, The Nouabale Ndoki National Park in Congo Republic and the Lobeke National park of Cameroon. 

These parks are considered by connoisseurs as probably the most beautiful accessible rainforest areas in Africa and most probably on our planet earth. (The Noudabale Ndoki, for example, has the highest concentration of wildlife in the whole of Africa, yet there is no permanent human habitation!) The whole area, dissected by the Congo and its tributaries, involves the second largest rainforest in the world!

The park is also home to prolific wildlife which can be viewed from platforms built overlooking clearings called baïs or salines. Safari participants would see the only habituated gorillas, lowland or mountain, on the planet, in addition to forest elephants, buffaloes, sitatungas, bongos, warthogs, numerous monkeys, galagoes, leopards and an astonishing number of birds and other species.

Safari participants also have the opportunity to interact with the BaAkas, an extraordinary tribe of pygmies who are actively engaged in tourism and conservation matters to suit their own ambitions. The Dzangha Sangha National Park is inhabited by our BaAka (pygmy) friends, who have been assisting us develop a tourism program which also suits their needs and does not compromise or threaten  their own values. The BaAkas, with their special hospitality and friendliness will charm you as you learn to know them better and this adds some mystical impetus to the magical and unique destination.