Yellow Fever Jab- Zambia

  Yellow Fever Jab not yet required for Zambia but watch this space!


The South African Department of Health’s (DoH) has stated that its proposed policy requiring travellers to and from Zambia to get vaccinated against yellow fever has not yet been enacted and therefore the current policy remains unaltered.

“The department is still looking at reviewing the policy,” says Dr Frew Benson, DoH Cluster Manager of Communicable Diseases.

As this is not yet policy, the port health authorities will not be requesting proof of vaccination, says the South African Society of Travel Medicine (SASTM).

The health authority has said that, although there are a few clinics that are still administering the inoculation, it will only be given to travellers visiting endemic areas. This, therefore, excludes Zambia.

Where clinics have no supplies of yellow fever vaccine and travellers require vaccination, SASTM advises that a letter be issued stating that there is a yellow fever vaccine shortage and the traveller was therefore unable to be vaccinated for the period of current travel.
The vaccine, which is provided to travel health clinics by private companies and not the DoH, is expected to again be available in early August.