The Flying Doctors' Society of Africa

Medical Evacuation

PO Box 27686, Nairobi, 00506
Member Number: 203013 Tel: +254 722 205 084

The Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa (FDSA) is a premier fundraising organization that was established in 1971 to raise funds to spread Medical Outreach across Africa. FDSA raises funds through the sale of Membership to the Society, donations, sale of branded items and fund raising activities / events.

The money we raise also goes towards financing lifesaving charity evacuations in the region, as well as supporting corrective surgeries for Fistula, which affects millions of women in Africa. Since 1971, we have donated over $12million towards our cause of spreading Medical Outreach in Africa.

Membership costs start at $15 per adult per year. With this membership, an individual is entitled to one free medical emergency evacuation during the year of their membership. One may not require our emergency service during the duration of your membership, but all unutilized member subscriptions help finance FDSAs Medical Outreach program.

Where we operate

  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda


02 December 2013

The Flying Doctors Society offers even better benefits to members

Please note that the Flying Doctors Society of Africa (FDSA) is operating normally for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We confirm that members of the Society are eligible for free air and ground emergency evacuation services as per membership contracts. Our members are now entitled to an unlimited number of free air evacuations during the duration of membership. Further, members while within Kenya also get two free ground/road ambulance evacuations. Evacuations are given only in the event of li…

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08 December 2011

The Flying Doctors Society enters Partnership with Go Places Privilege Card

The Flying Doctors Society of Africa (FDSA) has entered into a partnership with the Go Places Privilege card with effect from 1st December 2011. The partnership will see members of each organization receiving a discount on membership of the other organization. With this, members of FDSA will have access to hundreds of suppliers in Kenya and enjoy fantastic discounts. Members of the Go Places Privilege card will in turn enjoy the security and peace of mind that an FDSA membership provides. The …

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