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Set on the banks of the Zambezi River in the heart of the Lower Zambezi National Park and voted “Best Location in Africa” Sausage Tree Camp offers a new take on Safari Chic. Having been completely rebuilt in 2018 the 7 Luxury Suites and two-bedroom Kigelia House can accommodate up to 18 guests with private lounge and dining areas, indoor/outdoor bathrooms, private plunge pools, unrivalled views and butler service offering every comfort for the discerning traveller. Guests can explore this unique wilderness at their leisure (when they want how they want) with private guiding offering a variety of activities to choose from including day/night game drives, walking safaris, fishing, canoeing and boat cruising. 


Where we operate

  • Zambia

Activities offered

  • Accommodation
  • Bird Watching
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Safaris - Fixed Camp
  • Weddings

Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

We are proud to be partnered with a variety of other lodges both within and outside the National Park who have worked together to have the Lower Zambezi National Park certified as the First carbon neutral national park in the world! To further reduce our carbon footprint about 2/3rds of our camps are currently run on solar energy and we would like to have the entire operation running 100% on solar energy by the end of 2017. 
Both our camps support and work closely with Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ), a Zambian non-profit NGO who are committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the local wildlife and natural resources of the Lower Zambezi. Wildlife protection is achieved through numerous channels including assisting Zambia Wildlife Authority with anti-poaching patrol deployments and training, supporting a local community village scout unit and through education outreach in schools and visits to the CLZ education centre (which our guests can visit).
In 2015 we donated enough funds and assisted with the set up of iSchool (a new initiative launched by the Zambian Minister of Education) for grades 1 & 2 in our local village school. With up to 60 children in each class, by implementing Zedupads (similar to an iPad)  in to the classroom it allows the class to work in 3 separate smaller groups, one group working with the teacher, one group working on independent work such as writing and one group working on the Zedupads in pairs. Due to the remote location of the village, resources are very scarce, and the school does not have electricity only solar power in the main office. The Zedupads can work with or without WIFI, come with a solar charge docking station and offer a variety of resources all in the one tablet in english and eight other languages. We were able to provided 19 student Zedupads, 2 teacher Zedupads, 1 projector with a battery pack, as well as training for 3 teachers in Lusaka. Our aim is to now get ischool up and running in grades 3-7. Our guests are able to visit Mugurameno Village and school and can further donate towards the purchase of more equipment. 


10 February 2017

Ever wondered what the Park Fees & Conservation Levy charge actually goes towards?

In short, our long term commitment has always been the conservation of the National Park, it's wildlife and the community to whom it belongs. We support these commitments through the charge of Park Fees & Conservation Levy which go directly towards the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW), Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ), our Social Responsibiliy Programme supporting the iSchool Zedupad initiative and in support of the annual charitable Elephant Charge Event.   Conser…

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20 February 2015

Private Guiding - Guaranteed

Last year we ran a trial period at Sausage Tree Camp whereby we provided private guiding to all of our guests at no further charge. The system worked remarkably well and to ensure we can now market and promote this fantastic initiative into the future, we have taken on extra guides to ensure all guests are guaranteed a private guide throughout their stay with us at Sausage Tree Camp.

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