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Level 3, The Green House Ngong Rd Lavington Nairobi 0011
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One Horizon's sustainable programs are the foundation of its work. It established its tour division so that it could extend its programs further into grassroots Kenyan communities. One Horizon's mission is to provide the stepping stones for its communities away from poverty and it targets the aged, women and families.  And recently One Horizon was honored by the Kenyan Tourist Board (KTB) by having its tours included in its Signature Experience Collection for 2020-21. This prestigious award recognizes its work in responsible tourism and in redefining what a holiday is all about.

Where we operate

  • Kenya

Activities offered

  • Eco tourism
  • Cultural activities


05 September 2021

One Horizon Africa and TravelHorns (India) Announce Strategic Partnership

One Horizon is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with TravelHorns (India). Together, One Horizon and TravelHorns have over 50 years of experience in providing outstanding customer experiences.

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04 December 2020

One Horizon's Women's Centre Are Reopening

One Horizon is delighted to announce that its Women’s Centers in Kenya are opening up after being closed for 8 months and 60 women and their families will be offered a place in the program that lasts 18 months.

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02 October 2020

Sitting Down with the Masai …and everyone’s talking!

The ability to engage with the communities that travelers visit is, in many instances, particularly limited. Many people mention that in their travels, they have never really got to talk to the ‘locals’. Their limited exposure has been with taxi drivers and tour guides. Yet at One Horizon, the projects which are carried out each day, its humanitarian projects, rely on practical communication with communities. That is, sitting down over a cup of coffee or tea, talking, listening, and debating what needs to happen.

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28 September 2020

Empowering Mothers in Kenya

Economic empowerment is the key Improving the lives of women in Kenya is important not only for the women and their families, but for the future of Kenya. One Horizon's Empowering Women's program aims to equip women with new vocational and lifestyle skills.

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22 September 2020

Kenyan Communities Deciding Their Futures

One Horizon and Kenyan communities work together in true collaboration.  In the communities that One Horizon is involved in, it is the Kenyan communities that drive the objectives of what they want to achieve and the measures of success and which travelers help, One Horizon goes about organising the resources to ensure that the project can succeed.

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09 July 2020

Biogas and the Maasai

One Horizon’s mission is the implementation of sustainable programs to help lift people out of poverty.   And in every solution those programs have reference to the ecological impact of lifestyle on natural ecosystems.  The health of families and the environment is compromised

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