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InventTour is a comprehensive and dynamic accommodation inventory accessible to each layer of the tourism industry, allowing an efficient and valuable communication and marketing channel between suppliers and agents.
Being provided with their own unique “accommodation centre”, suppliers can efficiently, accurately and affordably distribute nett rates, rack rates, images, videos and all relevant property information to all levels in the travel supply chain.
By focusing exclusively on the B2B chain, InventTour allows agents to easily access the information they require to help with sales, while also being able to search for accommodation options to suit their clients’ requirements.


  1. Upload your own information
  2. Control the information being provided to agents
  3. Load all rates, including rack, child, special and all different levels of STO / nett rates
  4. Provide clear information regarding inclusions and exclusions as well as booking terms and conditions
  5. Provide images, room descriptions and all property information to the industry
  6. Be found by agents in new and different source markets
  7. Update information whenever required
  8. Upload unlimited news and updates


  1. Find accurate, relevant booking information quickly and easily
  2. Filter and search for properties which fit your clients’ requirements
  3. Access your contracted STO / nett rates while also seeing rack rates and all booking terms and conditions, allowing for more transparency and accuracy when quoting
  4. Easily find new products and destinations for your clients
  5. Communicate quickly and easily with suppliers


Where we operate

  • South Africa
  • Australia

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