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Flatdogs Camp overlooks the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia's best known wildlife destination. We offer a unique mix of accommodation styles to suit the individual - guests can chose between our romantic, secluded and unique Treehouse, airy and comfortable Luangwa chalet rooms and adventurous Africa-under-the-stars safari tents close to the river bank. Our all-inclusive safari rates are outstanding value, yet our only difference is that we allow guests to chose what they'd like to eat and with whom - we do not host our guests at meals (unless they specifically ask us to!) allowing you to enjoy your holiday with you family or fellow travellers. We also offer room-only rates for those who just need to relax for a few days at the start or end of their holiday or prefer the flexibility of going on safari when they choose.

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Conservation South Luangwa

Conservation South Luangwa is a non-profit community based organisation committed to the conservation and preservation of the local wildlife and natural resources of the South Luangwa National Park and surrounding game management areas in Zambia. Founded in 2003, we work in partnership with DNPW (Department of National Parks and Wildlife) conducting anti-poaching patrols, snare removal programs, aerial surveillance and wildlife rescue. The detection dog unit established in 2014, was the first K9 team in Zambia. Our Human-Wildlife Conflict mitigation team promote a number of mitigation methods and alternative income generating projects.

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Project Luangwa

Project Luangwa was set up in 2010 by some of the safari camps in the South Luangwa who understood the growing need to empower communities and show them the benefits that wildlife and an unspoiled habitat brings to the region. By using a portion of the proceeds from each visitor to the Luangwa, Project Luangwa seeks to reaffirm the importance of tourism in action. At the cornerstone of our belief is improving standards of health and education, providing a platform to help raise rural areas out of poverty. As part of this program, Project Luangwa supports school construction and Development, student sponsorship, gender support, female empowerment and Conservation in particular with numerous other community activities falling under their umbrella too. Our most recent activity is concentrating on trying to reduce de-forestation in the area, which is threatened by commercial wood collection for sale in nearby towns as well as use in brick making, charcoal making and to brew alcohol for sale. Project Luangwa is now talking to local wood collectors to try to provide sensible alternative sources of income for them which will not involve wood collection which is dangerous for people as well as unsustainable.


04 October 2021

Flatdogs Camp gets Vaccinated

We are pleased to announce that all Flatdogs Camp hospitality staff have now been fully vaccinated and continue to maintain some of the best COVID protocols you will come across anywhere.

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27 April 2021

South Luangwa Vaccine Roll Out in Full Swing

Flatdogs Camp guides are some of the first to receive the COVID 19 Vaccine as the vaccine roll out in Zambia picks up speed.

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25 April 2019

Flatdogs Camp Guides benefit from additional guide training

Guides at Flatdogs Camp spent 10 days with guide trainer Schalk Pretorius from Ulovane Environmental Training school. Schalk shared his knowledge and skills with the team of nine guides, focusing on detailed subjects such as tracking, botany, geology and astronomy. This in-depth training has helped the guides to expand on their already existing knowledge, so that they are able to delve deeper into these specific topics with their guests.

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10 April 2019

Flatdogs Camp receives chef training for their à la carte restaurant

Flatdogs Camp welcomed chef trainer Nicky Bryden back to further improve their unique à la carte menu. Nicky spent 10 days in the camp kitchen where she worked with nine chefs to expand on their existing skills. She focused on new recipes and working on different styles of presentation, which has helped to improve the safari camp’s overall restaurant experience. The camp is positioned in a remote location just outside of the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, making it a real challenge to run an a la carte restaurant with such a wide variety of options.

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09 March 2019

Flatdogs Camp provides equipment to volunteers helping to minimalise human-wildlife-conflict in the South Luangwa.

The development of the Luangwa Valley has seen more farms and infrastructure being built, resulting in an increased level of human-wildlife-conflict. Elephants raid crop-fields and damage property in their forage for food, with tragic outcomes for both the local community and the elephants. To help mitigate these issues, Flatdogs Camp are supporting a group of 20 volunteers from Conservation South Luangwa (CSL), who are using ‘chilli blasters’ to deter elephants away from crop-fields and buildings.

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13 November 2018

Flatdogs Camp Extends its Support of Conservation and Community Projects

From 2019 Flatdogs Camp has increased the contribution we make to conservation and community projects by 50% (now $15 per bed night in high season). This will allow us to support the Zambian Carnivore Program in their important research. The Luangwa Conservation and Community Fund (LCCF) was set up by some safari operators as a voluntary contribution to local organisations to assist with the running costs of important projects. In 8 years Flatdogs Camp has raised around $220,000 which we have split between Conservation South Luangwa (www.cslzambia.org) and Project Luangwa (www.projectluangwa.org).

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30 October 2018

Private Vehicle at Flatdogs Camp’s Crocodile Nest

Flatdogs Camp has confirmed that guests booked in their Crocodile Nest have their own private guide and vehicle for 2019. As a private house offering fantastic indoor and outdoor living spaces, the addition of a private guide and vehicle adds to the appeal for families and small groups.

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28 August 2018

Flatdogs Camp Becomes Carbon Neutral

In its continued bid to be part of the solution not part of the problem, Flatdogs Camp has recently invested in Carbon Offsets from BioCarbon Partners (BCP) to become one of the first safari Camps in the South Luangwa National Park to become Carbon Neutral for Operations.

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26 January 2018

Flatdogs Camp on the UK Safari Roadshow and at ITB 2018

Jess Salmon is excited to be part of both the UK Safari roadshow (26 February-02 March 2018) and the Zambian contingent who are proud to be this year’s Cultural and Convention sponsors of ITB 2018. Jess will be in Berlin 7-11 March, so please contact her on jess@flatdogscamp.com if you would like to make an appointment to catch up on all the Flatdogs sustainable camp news!

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15 April 2015

Jackalberry Treehouse re-opens at Flatdogs Camp

The Jackalberry Treehouse re-opened on the 10th April for the 2015 season, having been refurbished with new grass walls and thatched roofs, new comfy sofas and chairs but the same wondrous open air view and elephant filled water-hole in front!   The Treehouse is the perfect bushy compliment to the brand new tented Crocodile Nest which will have river views instead.  The Croc Nest is opening on the 15th May and bookings are already open.

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08 August 2011

Flatdogs Camp Wins First Ever South Luangwa Eco Award

Since the scheme's inception in 2008, Flatdogs Camp has invested time, money and 3 years' effort into applying for a South Luangwa Eco Award. Today we discovered that we are the first winner of an award, so all our efforts have been worthwhile - we've been awarded a Silver medal! The scheme assesses policies and systems in all operational areas, including community and social responsibility, natural resource use, environmental conservation programmes, waste management, and care of …

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06 June 2011

Flatdogs Jackalberry Treehouse

Last minute special offer is now available for the unique Jackalberry Treehouse at Flatdogs Camp. From now until the end of June we are offering a fantastic special of 5 nights for the price of 4! This incredible opportunity gives your guests a chance to enjoy classic African scenery including excellent game viewing from their own private tree-house. Elephant and giraffe may come for a mud-bath or refreshing drink while guests dine on the deck above them...  Game drives and walking safari…

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06 June 2011

Flatdogs e-Brochure

In a world where it's possible to make a video, post in on the internet, and allow people all over the world to view it in just a few minutes, we thought that it was about time we made our brochure available online. Please click here to view it.

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30 May 2011

Flatdogs Camp, the Community, the Environment and the Wildlife

At Flatdogs, we’re all committed to conserving this fantastic ecosystem. After all, Flatdogs Camp, its staff and all our guests are here because of the wildlife sightings on offer in the Luangwa Valley. We’re making important changes to our operations in the hope of winning a South Luangwa Eco Award (you can read more about this here), which will recognise our efforts to be a responsible lodge operator and ‘go green’. Steps taken so far include: -  the installation…

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