Czech Republic

Market structure

There are currently 670 tour operators, 2,800 travel agents. The top five for Africa product are: Fischer/Exim, Blue Style, Cedok, Time Travel and ESO Travel.

Is Africa well known as a destination for holidays?

Yes, especially South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Zanzibar (mostly during the pandemic), Madagascar, Mauritius etc. ... and Tunisia/Egypt - these two destinations belong to the Top 10 destinations for summer holidays

General Market Overview

Southern Africa

Namibia, Botswana and especially South Africa are well known. In the past SA was on the top of the most visited African destinations. Botswana and Namibia are perceived as destinations for affluent target groups

East Africa

Kenya, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius, Tanzania are the TOP destinations. Tanzania was on the top destinations for Czechs during winter 2020/21 as the destination was open for tourists.

West Africa

Cape Verde was popular during the first winter months of covid pandemic.

Key Competitors to Africa

Middle Eastern countries (UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar) and exotic destinations such as Maldives, Dominican Republic, Brasil, Cuba

Traveller Overview

Average holiday allowange per year for individuals
Most people have 20 days holiday per year plus public holidays. Annual holiday budgets sit at around EUR900 per person.
Average holiday price paid for main holiday
The average spend is approximately EUR620 per person on a seven day holiday.
How do they travel? Eg. Solo, families, couples, groups
Families with children and older couples travel mostly with TO, young couples travel solo
What type of holiday do they prefer? Eg, Adventure, luxury, independent
Leisure holiday at the beach plus short trips for one/two days.Young couples prefer adventure and traveling in the destination to get to know the destination
Do they require interpreters when travelling?
Mostly not. Only the older clients who are travelling with a tour operator require a guide.
Are they price sensitive?
Preferred type of accommodation, eg. Luxury, basic, self-catering
Basic with all inclusive or half board. Younger travellers prefer basic and self catering


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Kristyna Gottwaldova

Kristyna Gottwaldova

Marketing Manager, Travel Advance

Kristyna is an experienced destination marketing professional. She has been working on strategies on how to stimulate outbound Czech travel and has managed a wide variety of travel trade and PR projects for tourism boards such as Malta Tourism Authority, Dubai Tourism, Visit Iceland, Kenya Tourism Board, Madagascar Tourism Board, Maldives Tourism Board, as well as many other private sector tourism subjects.

With her strong relationships with travel trade and travel and lifestyle media she has organized many events for media, travel trade and consumers, as well as numerous media trips and influencer expeditions to client destination.

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