How Many Elephants

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At How Many Elephants, we make complex data beautifully visual to educate and inspire a global audience about the devastating impacts of the African Elephant ivory trade. Supporting rangers around Africa, ATTA® members can partner with How Many Elephants in line with their ethos to support fundraising through various schemes, introducing one of their team as key note speakers at events, offers partnership opportunities to fit in line with your company ethos and enables volunteers to get involved and make a difference. 


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Just a Drop

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We work at a grassroots level to support communities around the world with access to sustainable safe water solutions, sanitation facilities and knowledge of safe hygiene practices. Our sustainable projects provide support to communities, such as through the construction of hand-dug and drilled wells, pipelines, sand dams, rainwater harvesting systems and latrines, and hygiene and sanitation programmes. 
We have reached over 1.7 million people in 32 countries since we began in 1998.Our project work is currently focused in Cambodia, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda and Zambia.

ATTA® members can partner with Just a Drop in line with your charitable strategy to fundraise, create awareness


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