Training and Advice

Training in tourism sustainability is available from a variety of sources. This may be provided in the form of in-person classroom sessions, on-line learning courses, webinars or other types of delivery. It may involve complete programmes and courses or one-off events.    

The training may be available to individuals through scheduled sessions or flexible access to existing courses and materials.  Alternatively, some organisations can provide tailor-made training programmes for individual businesses, groups of enterprises or destinations. 

  • The Sustainable Tourism Training Programme of the GSTC involves 3-day in person training events in different locations throughout the year and a 4 week on-line training course scheduled every quarter.  The Programme addresses a range of sustainability issues for businesses and destinations, with practical guidance on actions. Individuals completing the programme can take an exam leading to the GSTC Certificate in Sustainable Tourism. Tailor-made training is also offered. 

  • The Project Management for Sustainable Development (PM4SD) training course has been designed to help project managers and industry stakeholders improve their tourism management skills and enhance sustainability performance. The course is accessible on-line and is offered at different levels with varying amounts of facilitation. It includes interactive question and answer sessions. There is an annual PM4SD summer school.   

  • A Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Management is offered by The International Ecotourism Society. This is an online programme with four compulsory core courses and other electives.  The core courses cover: Introduction to Ecotourism; Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism Assessment & Development; Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism Management; Marketing Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism Part I. 

  • The Global Ecotourism Network provides links to a range of bodies which offer webinars in tourism, conservation and related subjects.  

  • BEST EN stands for Building Excellence for Sustainable Tourism – an Education Network. It links academics with tourism professionals to create and disseminate knowledge within the field of sustainable tourism.  A range of accessible resources is provided, including links to books, research papers, conference proceedings etc.  

Training and advice on sustainable tourism is provided by most certification bodies.  

Many commercial consultancy firms also include sustainability issues in the services they offer to tourism enterprises and destinations, including in Africa.