Sudan is one of Africa's most mysterious destination. Its history has always been entwined with the great Nile river and interconnected with neighbouring countries. Its archaeology, natural landscapes, deserts and warm people are still untouched by mass tourism. Here, where there are more pyramids than in Egypt, the Black Pharaohs wrote the history of the ancient Nubia.


Sudan has a varied, tropical climate. Desert in the north and mountains in the south. The northernmost desert area, near the border with Egypt, is one of the driest and sunniest in the world. Winter temperatures are pleasantly hot & cool at night - best time to travel to this area. On the coast of the Red Sea, winter is warm whilst the summer is stifling with heat & humidity. The Western Darfur region lies Jebel Marra, a mountain range with volcanic craters occupied by lakes, here the climate is temperate due to altitude experiencing more ranis and enjoying a greener landscape. While it's semi-arid in the south (affected by the summer monsoon)

The northern plains & desert area experiences summer temperatures often exceeding 43.3 (March - June) with frequent dust storms throughout the year. The central plains & south experience high temperatures but less aggressive.

Dry Season
Oct - April. Humidity fluctuates between 20-40% with clear blue skies. Humidity low in the north, higher in Khartoum & the coast experiences extreme humidity in summer months.

Wet Season
May - August is the rainy season and the hottest months. Not advised to travel to Sudan during these months as flooding is . Rainfall increases north - south and, whilst poor on the coast, occur between Oct - January with an annual av. of 25.5kn

Best known for: Meroe pyramids, Red Sea barrier reef, Nile confluence in Khartoum

Lesser known for: All the other archaeological sites like Old Dongola, Jebel Barkal, Nuri, El Kurru, Naga, Mussawarat etc. and the friendliness of the people

Sudan COVID Protocols Sudan COVID Protocols

Sudan COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Updated: 05 September 2022

Pre-Departure Requirements

  • All COVID related travel restrictions lifted

On Arrival

  • All COVID related travel restrictions lifted

On Departure

  •  Dependent on airline / transit point / final destination

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