South Africa

With Portuguese, Dutch and British invasions and colonialisation, South Africa has a rich and varied history. Fought over for its natural resources including diamonds and gold as well as being a strategic port on the Silk Route, South Africa has been colonised since the 1600s. The current population stands at around 56 million and tourism forms a key part of the economy. The wildlife and landscapes are unparalleled and draw millions of tourists per year.


South Africa is a year-round destination and the climate varies across the country!

There is the Mediterranean Western Cape, the sub-tropical and arid Eastern Cape and the sub-tropical Kruger regions. They all have hot summers (December - March), and the coldest months are July and August. The Western Cape has a winter rainfall while the Eastern Cape and Kruger regions have summer rainfall.

Summer is the perfect time to visit Cape Town and the Garden Route, while the winter brings mild, dry temperatures to the tropical north east coast making it perfect time to visit the Kruger National Park and KwaZulu-Natal. However, each season brings something different to enjoy, you just need to pack accordingly

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South Africa COVID Protocols South Africa COVID Protocols

South Africa COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Updated 23 June 2022

Pre Departure Requirements

  • Masks no longer required
  • All COVID protocols lifted for all travellers

On Arrival

  • No additional COVID protocols

On Departure

  • Dependent on airline / destination / transit point

UPDATED 23 June 2022

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