The Seychelles archipelago is 115 islands scattered across the western Indian Ocean, 115 islands of pristine beauty unaltered since the dawn of time. Islands where magnificent granite boulders amongst the oldest on Earth, flank powder-soft beaches often rated among the most beautiful on the planet.


Lying just south of the Equator, in the Indian Ocean, the islands of Seychelles enjoy a tropical climate, heavily influenced by the surrounding ocean and trade winds. Temperatures are consistently 24-32°C, and, whilst the humidity is never absent there are drier and wetter months as outlined below. Being tropical though, the rains bring much relief to the islands. *NOTE: the weather in Seychelles can vary markedly between different islands. ie The outer coral islands usually have less rainfall than the inner granitic islands.

The north-west trade winds blow between November to April - bringing more humid warm tropical weather, peaking in April

Dry Season
May - September, the southeast trade winds bring drier, cooler weather, and livelier seas. The sea is usually at it choppiest in July & August.

Wet Season
Dec-March the northwest trade winds bring heavy spells of rain, warmer weather & higher humidity. Even in these 'wetter' months, there is usually c.6 hrs of daily sunshine.

Best known for:  for honeymoons and weddings, romantic getaways for couples, the most beautiful tropical beaches and exclusive resorts.

Lesser known for: for hiking and nature trails (eco-tourism) and as a family destination. 

Dates for the diary

Best time to visit the Seychelles for...

  • Snorkelling | Year Round
  • Surfing and windsurfing| May - Sept
  • Sailing | Year round
  • Diving | Feb - May & Sept - Nov with the best visibility in April & October
  • Walking & Hiking | May - October

Bird Watching

Breeding Season
April & May | Annual
Best months for birds coming in to breed across the islands.

Migrant Birds
May | Annual
Brought in by the south east winds.

Sooty Terns
March - September | Annual
March & April Breeding season. By end April hundreds of thousands will have established their territory.
May Sooty terns present all day on the ground
June & July Hatching begins
August & September Chicks start to fledge and usually depart by late October.

Whale Sharks
October - November | Annual
Whilst Whale Sharks frequent the Seychelles waters, they are most abundant in Oct - Nov.

Green Turtle Nesting Season
June - September | Annual
Typically nest during the night. Eggs take 2 months to hatch.

Hawksbill Nesting Season
November - January | Annual
Typically nest in the daytime and take 2 months to hatch.

Seychelles Creole Festival
October | Annual | Mahe
Seychelles’ Creole Festival is a celebration of the island nation’s culture and tradition. The festival remains one of the major cultural events on the Seychelles' calendar, it is at it’s core, a manifestation of Seychellois and creole identity. A celebration of the islands culture experienced through music, dance, arts, craft, cuisine, customs & general way of life.



Tourism Seychelles contact information



Email: [email protected]
Tel: +248 272 4257
Address: PO Box 1262, Botanical House, Mont Fleuri, Mahe

Seychelles COVID Protocols Seychelles COVID Protocols

Seychelles COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Updated: 01 December 2022

Pre-Departure Requirements

On Arrival

  • No Additional Protocols

On Departure

  • PCR testing is not required to depart Seychelles. If your airline/final destination require it, PCR test facilities are available on Mahe, Praslin & La Digue (SCR2, 500.00 per test).

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