With over 2,500km of pristine and untouched coastline, Mozambique is the perfect secluded beach destination with award winning luxury island hideaways and intimate bespoke villas. Experience swimming with wild dolphins, diving with Manta Rays or snorkelling with majestic Whale Sharks in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean or, for the cultural enthusiasts the art deco inspired capital of Maputo and the beautiful ruins of Ilha de Mozambique, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Mozambique enjoys a warm climate but with a coastline of 2,812km's, the north (bordering Tanzania) can be quite different to the south (bordering South Africa). The heat and rains of December to March can be very humid with minimum temperatures being c.23°C. The rain showers bring much relief from the heat

Peak temperatures can reach 33°C in December - February

Dry Season
June to October enjoys clear blue skies, warm days and cooler nights. Almost no rain can be guaranteed

Wet Season
The rains come with the hotter months of December - March. Average rainfall is however relatively low

Best known for: Endless kilometres of pristine and unspoilt coastline, rich and diverse culture, one of the worlds finest diving locations and warm, welcoming communities.

Lesser known for: It's untouched National Parks, marine research projects, sustainable development and community projects. 

Dates for the diary

Southern Right Whales
June - December | Southern Mozambique | Annual
June - December is the most common time to witness Southern Right Whales quite close to the shore in the southern part of the Mozambique Channel.

Green & Hawksbill Turtles Hatching
Mid February - Mid April | Annual
Nesting areas will be sectioned off to ensure the hatchlings can find their way to the ocean safely.

Green & Hawksbill Turtles Laying
End November - February | Annual
Beaches are well protected to ensure the turtles and their eggs are safe

Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Dugongs
Year round
Whilst still quite rare, it is possible to see these magnificent animals year round. The summer months are most fruitful for sightings. Dugongs can be seen more frequently by boat in the Bazaruto Archipelago, home to a number of Dugong conservation initiatives.

Mozambique COVID Protocols Mozambique COVID Protocols

Mozambique COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Updated: 05 September 2022

Pre-Departure Requirements

  • Fully vaccinated traveller no longer require a PCR test prior to travel
  • All unvaccinated travellers must take a PCR COVID-19 test 72hrs prior to arrival / within 7 days if crossing a land border.
  • Children under 11yrs are exempt from testing / vaccination requirements
  • Visas are available on arrival

On Arrival

  • Presentation of COVID-19 PCR -ve certificate as outlined
  • All travellers are required to provide their contact details to the Mozambican authorities.

On Departure

  •  Dependent on airline / transit point / final destination

Useful links and documents

  • Wearing face coverings compulsory in public spaces.
  • Click HERE for an unofficial document highlighting the most recent official statement.