Described as the ‘Warm Heart Of Africa’, Malawi is a genuine hidden gem - small but beautiful, varied, welcoming & uncrowded with tourists. It is the unique combination of thrilling safaris, stunning landscapes, amazing beaches and the warm & friendly people that make it one of the most complete destinations in Africa.


Malawi experiences two distinct seasons, the rainy season runs from November to April and is also the hottest time of year, the dry cool season runs from June to August. May is a transitional month between the rainy season and the dry season while September and October are transitional from the cool dry season to the rainy season. Malawi has a very varied terrain and altitudes with rainfall and temperature strongly influenced by this topograpy. 

Temperatures October is the peak of the dry season with the hottest temperatures being reached (into 40°C). This lasts until the rains starts in December

Dry Season
These are the winter months between Mid March (Cold Mornings and Evenings) and October (reaching top temperatures)

Wet Season
The First showers bring much relief in November with heavy, short showers. By January the rainy season starts producing lush green landscapes. Ending in early April

Best known for: Beaches & water activities on Lake Malawi. Authentic cultural experiences, interacting with the friendliest people in the world. 

Lesser known for: Not previously known as a top safari destination, that has changed recently with massive investment into Malawi’s reserves and multiple translocations, including of lion, cheetah, wild dog, giraffe, elephant and rhino. Also a great hiking destination.

Dates for the diary

Lilian's Lovebirds

June - August | Annual | Liwonde NP

Lilian’s Lovebirds congregate in flocks of hundreds due to the flowering Candelabra Euphorbia

Luwawa International Mountain Bike Marathon

June | Annual | Luwawa Forest

A tough but very beautiful route of 50km in the Viphya Highlands

Mount Mulanje Porters Race

July | Annual | Likhubula Valley

A 22km run up Mount Mulanje, Malawi’s highest mountain. Normally a 12 hour climb covered in 3!

Lake Malawi Sailing Marathon

July / August | Annual | Lake Malawi

The world’s longest freshwater yachting race covers over 500km across 8 days up Lake Malawi

Blantyre Arts Festival

August | Annual | Blantyre

Celebrating Malawi’s cultural heritage & creative industries

Lake of Stars Music Festival

September | Annual | Lake Malawi

Internationally renowned music festival on the palm fringed shores of Lake Malawi. A hugely popular event- the biggest in the country’s calendar

Eland Breeding Season

Oct / Nov | Annual | Nyika Plateau NP

Breeding herds gather in groups of up to 350, some of the largest groups to be seen of Africa’s largest antelope.

Tumaini Festival

November | Annual | Lilongwe

A unique music & cultural festival at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp outside Lilongwe. Organised by refugees & Malawians it uses entertainment & artistic expression to promote intercultural harmony, mutual understanding & peaceful co-existence

Orchid Bloom

January - March | Annual | Nyika NP

Over 200 types of orchid bloom in Nyika National Park.

Malawi Fashion Week

End May / June | Annual | Lilongwe

Small but fun event brings together models, designers, retails & buyers. An opportunity to see some of Malawi’s best fashion offerings!

Malawi Tourism contact information 

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Email: [email protected]
Tel: +44 20 3949 4834
Address: Off Convention Drive, Capital City, Lilongwe, Malawi

Malawi COVID Protocols Malawi COVID Protocols

Malawi COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Updated: 09 June 2023

Pre-Departure Requirements

  • COVID-19 Arrival Protocols lifted
  • Pre Departure testing for unvaccinated travellers no longer required
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates no longer required

On Arrival

  • No COVID-19 special protocols

On Departure

  •  Dependent on airline / transit point / final destination

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