Botswana's climate is semi-arid. Though hot & dry for much of the year, the rians arrive through the summer monthes (November - March) Rainfall is erratic, unpredictable and highly regional. Showers are often followed by strong sunshine. Mean annual rainfall varies from over 650mm iun the extreme northeast area of the Chobe District to a minimum of less than 250mm in the extreme southwest part of the Kgalagadi District. The winter months are cooler and dry. Generally rainfall decreases in amount and increases in variability the further west and south you are

Botswana Tourism Organisation Contact Information

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Email: [email protected]
Tel: +267 391 3111
Address: Plot 50676, Fairground Office Park, Block B, Gaborone, Botswana

Botswana COVID Protocols Botswana COVID Protocols

Botswana COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Updated: 29 September 2022

Pre-Departure Requirements

  • From 28 September the requirement for PCR testing for unvaccinated travellers has been lifted
  • Mask wearing is no longer mandatory
  • Visa requirements must be met prior to departure. CLICK HERE to check if you need a VISA & to apply.

On Arrival

  • No special protocols apply

On Departure

  •  Dependent on airline / transit point / final destination

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