Lion Tracking: A signature experience at Governors' Mugie House

We are extremely excited to announce that another signature experience is now available at Governors' Mugie House: Lion Tracking.

There are around 35 individual lions on Mugie that are mainly spread between two prides; The Gaby Pride and the Akimat Pride. Two lionesses (Gaby and Esmi) were both collared with specialised GPS collars in December 2021 in order to provide livestock owners with near-to-real time lion movement data via a mobile app.​

Since Mugie Conservancy is both a wildlife and a cattle ranching area, this data helps to foster coexistence between lions and people by allowing herders to be proactive and keep their livestock away from lions, or increase their protection of livestock when close to lions. Livestock owners feel more informed, experience less conflict and are much more tolerant and therefore less likely to kill the lions in their area.

Governors' Mugie House guests can visit the Mugie headquarters and learn more about this 21st century model of conservation. A large screen in the control room displays the tracking data of the lions combined with movements of the cattle herds. After a short explanation about the inner workings of this system, guests can then head off in the direction of the last GPS point and try to find the lions in the area using our new lion tracking VHF equipment.