IMPACT Workshop 2022

Classic Portfolio will be hosting a 3 day IMPACT Workshop at Boschendal Farm from 20th September. The event ends on 22nd September, World Rhino Day, and has over 90 participants with 42 tour operators and private guides together with 17 Classic Portfolio members, Ellerman House, our host Boschendal Farm and WEEVA Sustainability participating. 

We have products and experiences from 13 African countries, representing 58 camps and lodges across 30 protected areas. The IMPACT Workshop kicks off with 5 guest speakers on the first afternoon, followed by a full day of 20 meetings, ending with a morning of one-on-one catch up sessions.  In between the meetings there are fun and interactive events on Boschendal Farm during the evenings and early mornings. 

From Suzanne Bayly, owner of Classic Portfolio: I believe the future of African tourism requires robust trade partnerships; product collaboration; a shared ethos and commitment to a sustainable Africa while driving commercial viability for all parties. We are therefore very excited about the IMPACT Workshop taking place next week.