Take a look at the International Power Supply’s (IPS) energy solution for safari lodges

IPS’ technology EXERON is a modular energy conversion system which in conjunction with solar and energy storage perfectly fulfills the requirements that safari lodges have for power generation. It gives intelligent control of generation sources with the option for 100% green energy.

EXERON powers off-grid or “bad grid” locations in a reliable and sustainable way. It is proven in military and telecom applications and ensures a reliable power supply for safari lodges offering full energy autonomy.  The user-friendliness of the energy conversion unit ensures that no extensive expert skills are required. EXERON includes real-time monitoring capabilities which enable lodges to optimize their power system and intervene when problems occur.

  • OPEX saving up to 82% through post hybridization annually
  • CAPEX — payback period of 3.6 years
  • CO2 emissions avoidance — 329 t/year
  • International award — EES Award, Intersolar Germany

For more full details, please click here or contact Elena - e.lalova@ips-group.net