Building a Future for the Batwa in Gahinga!

Under the shadow of Mt. Sabinyo, a 30 minute walk from Mount Gahinga Lodge, the indigenous Gahinga Batwa are working eagerly with the support of VSPT to build their own permanent settlement after 26 years of displacement from the park.

The 10-acre settlement project will provide homes for the 100 adults and children, land for farming, and a community center. This will be a permanent home near the forest they have lived for generations. Working six days a week, rain or shine, and often undertaking strenuous manual labor, there is a sense of hope in the air for the Batwa.

While carrying a large volcanic rock, Kabwana said this about the project, "The work is easy when it is to build our own homes." 

Guests are invited to visit with the Batwa to learn firsthand their traditions and ways of life, and of course see the new Gahinga Batwa Village.

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