Safari company Yellow Zebra launches unique ‘kids section’

On Wednesday the Africa luxury safari company Yellow Zebra Safaris launched its unique dedicated kids section.

Released in time for October half-term, ‘Club Zeb’ is a story-driven feature tailored towards children aged from 5 to 12.

Rory Walker, YZS Director, says: “As so many clients who book with us are families, we feel it is important to get everyone involved in the planning of their safari holiday – especially as a trip to southern and eastern Africa is such an incredible experience, no matter the age.”

Club Zeb follows the story of Zebediah Zebra and Oki Oxpecker as they go on fun-filled adventures to 10 countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. On their journey, Zeb and Oki encounter different characters who help guide them through safari parks and other areas within each destination.

“While parents can explore through the national parks and luxury accommodation on the website, the kids can get involved with the cartoon characters and learn about the countries they might visit,” Walker explains.

As well as following the narrative, children can download colouring sheets and word searches that highlight aspects of each character and country, and they can learn fun facts about Africa’s wildlife.

“And the great thing is that Club Zeb isn’t just for kids. Zeb's bungee picture makes me laugh every time I see it!” Walker adds.

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