Jenman Cuts Down on Water Bottle Use in Madagascar

Jenman African Safaris has taken the steps to reduce water bottle usage on their tours through Madagascar as part of their responsible tourism policy. Unfortunately, bottled water is unavoidable in Madagascar as the local water is not safe to drink. Heat is another factor, with Madagascar’s hot climate and high temperatures it’s important for travellers to stay refreshed and hydrated throughout their journey, however this can result in an abundance of water bottle waste. Measures to cut down on this waste are absolutely necessary. The new policy includes buying large containers of water and providing clients with one water bottle to refill throughout their trip. These containers are kept in the vehicles that transport the travellers on their journey, removing the need to buy more along the way.

50 million water bottles are consumed worldwide every year and the impact on our environment is disastrous. From polluting our oceans and ending up in whales’ bellies, to filling up landfills, to using up to 17 billion barrels of oil a year to produce those water bottles, it’s a situation that needs serious attention. However, with dedication and foresight steps can be taken to improve the situation.