Small World Marketing Appointed as PR Agency to The Latitude Hotels Group

Small World Marketing is thrilled to announce a new partnership with The Latitude Hotels Group. The brainchild of established African hotel owners (the acclaimed Kaya Mawa) the Latitude Hotels group was born out of necessity – the owners could find so few quality, ‘cool’, urban African city hotels to recommend to their transferring guests, business associates or indeed to stay in themselves. Whilst wondrous safari & beach destinations abound in Africa many is the traveller who has bemoaned a city stay beyond Cape Town until the birth of Latitude.

Five years on and Latitude is now established as a unique African lifestyle brand offering chic city hotels as slick as the most sought after in Europe:

Latitude 13, Lilongwe, Malawi        
Latitude 15, Lusaka, Zambia          
Latitude 0, Kampala, Uganda - opening late 2018        

Future Latitudes are in the planning stage – Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Kigali, Dar Es Salaam, Maputo, and Harare are all expected to join the group in the coming years.

Latitude sees its relationship with each local economy as a symbiotic one with corporate responsibility and sustainability at the heart of the brand; the majority of employees are local, as are architects, engineers & quantity surveyors, whilst each hotel provides a showcase for local artists & producers keen to promote what the best of Africa can really look like. 

Each property exudes an individual spirit that is at once natural, engaging, creative & playful – a city destination that hums with vibrancy and potential.  Be it in the restaurants & bars, or in the workspaces and meeting rooms, Latitude aims to provide interactive destinations where guests feel inspired and can enjoy the opportunity to get together, network, create and realise business ideas.