Ethiopian Airlines Group has merged with the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (Eae) Forming The Aviation Holding Group

The new Holding Group comprises Ethiopian Airports Enterprise, Passenger Airline, Cargo Airline & Logistics Company, Ethiopian Aviation Academy, Ethiopian Inflight Catering Services, Ethiopian MRO Services and Ethiopian Hotel & Tourism Services.

The holding company came on the scene with Ethiopian Airlines' 15-year strategic plan dubbed "Vision 2025". The companies under Ethiopian Airlines have been preparing themselves to stand autonomously for the last seven years since the launch of the plan.  The regulation cites the merger will help the Airline cope with the global aviation competitive market. The Enterprise has been running 23 airports - four are international, and some are under construction. 

Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam explained that “the primary objective of the merger is to make our airports’ services more effective and efficient so as to enable it provide global standard customer services with the aim of promoting competitiveness with international airports in the region.”

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