Skies, Sand & The Sun!

We are privileged to be working closely with Alexis Peltier, and we have had enormous fun designing an African Territories Flying safari.
Alexis flies and maintains his very own Cessna 206, a 5 seater plane, with luggage pod and extensions on the wings to be able to carry more weight.
The tyres are also adapted to land on different terrains.

The safari is personalised & guided, intending to create unforgettable moments and life changing experiences.
This is an adventure like no other, the safari starts the second the plane takes off...soaring low over the majestic landscapes & features, as the Kenyan wilderness unfolds beneath the plane...its like doing a "flying" game drive!
Flying like this, enables you to see and explore areas that are normally quite inaccessible and either very time consuming or difficult to get too, making this so special.

We have used our African Territories properties, superbly placed for such a safari, and our favourite place up in the Northern frontier Kitich Camp in the Mathews Range.

If you'd like to know more, please get in touch.