Tanzania-Experience celebrates its 10-year anniversary!

Ten years ago, Tanzania-Experience’s Co-founder and Managing Director, Henning Schmidt, moved from Germany to Tanzania to set-up what would become one of the most successful tour operators in the country.

In this interview, he remembers how it all began: “Back then, there were no blog posts on ‘How to start a company in Tanzania’. Most information had to be obtained locally and on-site. On-site however, there often was no internet or electricity. I would write emails in Word, then save these onto a USB stick and walk to an internet café to send them.”

And speaks about the role tour operators play in conservation efforts: “No enterprise works in isolation, we always need to consider our operations in context. If you operate sustainably in the tourism industry, tourism doesn’t take from the country. On the contrary, tourism gives back. Without tourism, places such as the Serengeti would not even exist in their current state today. (…)

We also feel responsible for our guests’ behaviour. That’s why we explain how to behave during a safari in order to have the smallest impact on nature and wildlife. Our guests completely understand and are on board with this.”

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