Wasabi meets Sumac at Kaya Mawa

2017 in the Kaya Mawa kitchen finds the team, led by Richard Greenhall, honing the fine balance of Middle Eastern and Asian influences and stamping their own unique style... fusing together the explosive spices and subtle nuances of the ingredients hailing from these outstanding and much revered cuisines, by food lovers the world over.  Poached pineapple, cardamon, anise and toasted fennel sea salt with Wasabi and Sumac ice cream or Toasted quinoa, charred broccoli, chilli and tahini with Whipped Lemon Basil Feta and coconut sambal. Just some of the many dishes whisked from the kitchen to lakeside diners that illustrates this marriage of such diverse ingredients, creatively balanced by the Kaya Mawa kitchen team. 

The ethos of the dining experience at the lodge is balance; to ensure guests experience explosive flavour from the dishes, whilst maintaining an understanding that many of us prefer a healthier eating lifestyle. Of course there are moments to embrace a little indulgence, but the balance and planning of the meals throughout the day is at the heart of this blend of cuisines. The ingredients and diverse cooking techniques create a dining experience that neither compromises on superb, fresh and eclectic flavour combinations or keeping our doctrines for better, healthier eating in check. 

You can now take our word for it or come and visit us soon to taste it all for yourself.