Lemala Concession Fee Update

As you are aware, there has been much chaos and confusion surrounding the announcement by TANAPA that they propose to increase concession fees for permanent properties effective 1st July 2017.  These new fees have already been published on the TANAPA website for implementation date of 1st July 2017. 

The proposed concession fee increase only applies to Tented Camps and Lodges with a permanent status located inside Tanzania’s National Parks.  For Lemala Camps and Lodges, this affects only Lemala Kuria Hills.

We have been monitoring the situation very carefully and working with all the relevant authorities to try and find a solution that is agreeable to us all.  In an ideal world, that perfect solution would be that the increase is not implemented AT ALL or at the very least delayed until 2018 allowing us all time to work together towards an agreeable solution. 

Currently it is unclear whether the Tanzanian government will consider the option of postponing the implementation date.  We must stress that the clarification been sought from government is NOT to determine IF  the increase will be implemented - it is to determine the effective date.  Lemala, like the rest of the industry, is awaiting clarification on this.

We are therefore left with no alternative at this point other than to assume that the fees will be increased effective 1st July and try to find a solution with the least impact to our valued partners.

With that said we would like to confirm the following to you irrespective of the final outcome.
1 - All confirmed bookings as of 30th June, 2017 for the period 1st July 2017  - 31st December 2017, Lemala Camps and Lodges will absorb any additional concession fees that may be applied.
2 - All provisional and holds for the period 1st July 2017 - 31st December 2017, Lemala Camps and Lodges will pass on the additional fees should they be introduced and this will be reflected on the invoice.
3 - For all new inquiries the increased concession fees will be applied. 
4 - All bookings for 2018 will be invoiced using the increased concession fee.

NOTE:  The concession fee at Lemala Kuria Hills will increase from USD$36 per person per day to USD$59 per person per day.

Whilst we await the final decision on the implementation of the concession fees, we will hold off issuing adjusted 2017 rates and new 2018 rates so please bear with us!

Our team is available on email, Skype or phone to help you understand the implications so please contact us should you need any assistance.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding, your continued partnership and support and reaffirm that we remain committed to working with you to have this resolved as quickly as possible.   As we receive further information on implementation of this increase we will keep you updated.