Jungle Festival - 2nd Edition

Uganda Jungle Lodges will be celebrating the 2nd - Edition of the Jungle Festival on the 3rd & 4th June 2017 at Bwindi Jungle Lodge.

The objective of the festival is to sensitize the community on good health and conservation of the environment with the theme;"Healthy Food and Clean Environment"

Uganda Jungle Lodges will launch their partnership with Slow Food Uganda which is an organization that aims at safeguarding the biodiversity of food,promoting sustainable agriculture,environmental protection,local cultural identities,consumer health and well-being of animals.Slow Food Uganda works with local communities to create concrete models of sustainable agriculture with the project of 10,000 gardens which we are apart of.

We will have presentations from different organic farmers, they will have a variety of organic food and vegetables, bee-keeping and honey production and so many other organic products. The farmers will be supported by buying their organic products.

Uganda Jungle Lodges will also take the opportunity to celebrate the World Environmental Day ( 5th June),we will launch the Cycling tour and the Canoe boat trip on lake Mulehe, new activities that have been developed and organized by the Lodge.

On the 3rd June,we will have entertainment from different cultural entertaiment groups like the Batwa group from lake Mutanda and Kisoro traditional group. With this, we will promote the local cultural identities.

Let us eat healthy and keep the environment clean.


Uganda Jungle Lodges.