New UK cabin baggage security requirements

British Airways is complying with the UK Government’s new security requirements for cabin baggage on direct flights from the following countries to the UK:-

· Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Tunisia (non-BA point)

All customers on direct flights from these destinations will not be able to carry laptops, tablets and larger mobile phones in their cabin baggage. Only mobile phones smaller than the following dimensions will be allowed in the cabin:- Length: 16cm x Width: 9.3cm x Depth: 1.5cm. Customers should either not travel with these larger items or check them into their hold luggage.

Further Information

Advice for customers on Basic / Hand Baggage Only fares

On the Istanbul to London Heathrow route, we sell a Basic fare which allows hand baggage only. If a customer with a Basic fare asks how the new requirements will affect them, please use the following information:

All customers will not be allowed to travel with any of the above items in their carry-on baggage. If customers need to travel with these items then they MUST check them in.

· For NEW bookings made from 22MAR17 onwards – Any customer who wishes to make a new booking on a Basic / Hand Baggage Only fare MUST be advised that the fare they are purchasing does not allow them to check a bag into the hold and customers must adhere to security legislation and therefore cannot carry laptops, tablets or larger mobile phones in their cabin baggage. To avoid incurring extra baggage costs, customers must be fully aware and agree to the restrictions before completing their booking. They will not be allowed to travel with any of the above items in their carry-on baggage.

· For EXISTING customers with bookings made before 22MAR17, who have flights departing up to and including Tuesday 04 April 2017, fee will be waived to allow the customer to check a bag in for these items. For any departure after 04 April 2017, if a customer decides to carry any of these items with them then they will be charged the appropriate check-in baggage fee at the airport. Customer may also choose to purchase a check-in bag in advance.