Maasai encounters and walking activities at Nomad Tanzania's Entamanu Ngorongoro

Make the most of the wild side of the Ngorongoro Crater at Nomad Tanzania’s newest camp, Entamanu Ngorongoro. One or two hour walks with an expert Nomad guide in a scenically striking area well away from the hustle and bustle, and a window onto the lives of the local Maasai with visits to a simple village, Maasai dancing and walks along ancient cattle trails still used by local herdsmen.

Entamanu Ngorongoro has enjoyed excellent feedback from guests over these first few months. Situated as it is on the wild side of the Crater Rim, it is the only camp in the world where you can watch the sun rise over the Ngorongoro Crater and set over the Serengeti.

Now guests can enjoy not only game-rich drives into the Crater itself, but also experience this rarefied area on foot. In recent months, buffalo, giraffe and the elusive leopard have been seen not far from camp, not to mention other herbivores and birdlife.  Early morning walks, returning to camp for a late breakfast, or afternoon walks ending with a cold gin and tonic complete with a view, give an entirely fresh, slow-paced and intimate perspective to the Crater experience.  Walks of an hour or two are conducted in the company of an experienced Nomad guide and an armed Ranger.

An area where wildlife and Maasai live side-by-side, it is a privilege to mingle with the cattle herds in the early morning, learning more about the village way of life or to see the young warriors dance and leap as the sun goes down.  Guests staying at Entamanu Ngorongoro can now visit a small Maasai village that still follows a simple daily rhythm, and learn about the life of adults and children in this raw, wild place.

Entamanu Ngorongoro goes from strength to strength. This is indeed the wild side of the Crater; the sun can be hot, the wind can be strong and the cold can be cold. Yet the cosy tents, warmed by crackling fires and sheepskin, thick duvets and woolen rugs, provide a sanctuary where people can gaze at the sheer spectacle of wild nature in total comfort.

Entamanu Ngorongoro combines well with Kuro Tarangire, Serengeti Safari Camp and Lamai Serengeti.