Authentic Experiences Key To Securing Millennial Bookings

According to Acacia Africa, authentic experiences are key to securing bookings from millennials.  The safari specialist’s 2017 catalogue features six new accommodated overland tours and a new small group safari, all of the itineraries allowing adventurers to delve deeper into the destination.

Arno Delport, Sales & Marketing Manager at Acacia Africa comments, “Recent research suggests UK millennials rank travel more highly than buying a home or paying off debt, and while the news is music to the ears of anyone operating in the 18-39 market, based on feedback from our clients it’s clear the experiences we deliver must be authentic.

“Africa is the epitome of “real, raw and untamed” adventure, but Generation Y want to be immersed in the destination, whether it’s being led by a local chief through a Swazi village and having their fortune told by a Sangoma, or encountering the wildlife on an intimate game walk in South Africa’s Polokwane Game Reserve - small groups more likely to bump into the resident wildlife than other safari goers.”

Experiential travel is clearly at the forefront of Acacia Africa’s current marketing campaign, its latest collection of video-clips showcasing the Acacia Africa experience. The new “Life Needs Adventure,” video went live on 08 March.