Segera Retreat Launches Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Segera in Kenya is offering guests the opportunity to experience a ‘Sacred Safari’ from 22 – 27 May 2017. Internationally renowned healing artists, Jodina Carey and Andrew Clark, will guide guests through a week of yoga, meditation and live crystal sound baths, surrounded by Segera Retreat’s botanical gardens and 20 000 hectares of pristine African wilderness.

“We are delighted to have holistic healers of such a high calibre at Segera. Both Jodina and Andrew epitomise the culture of wellness that we strive to achieve and we are confident that we can provide the ideal wilderness setting to inspire and rejuvenate our guests”, said General Manager Jens Kozany.

Segera is a wildlife sanctuary dedicated to sustainability, achieved through a sensitive balance of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (the 4Cs). It is located at the foot of Mount Kenya, offering an inspirational backdrop for a unique safari journey that exudes the very essence of Africa: freedom, spectacular vastness, untamed fauna and fascinating encounters with African art and traditions.

Aside from the daily Sacred Safari activities, which will include yoga on outdoor meditation decks and restorative sound healing sessions, guests can enjoy calming walks through Segera’s exotic gardens, Segera’s contemporary art collection, opulent river picnics, extended game viewing opportunities and visits to Segera’s various community projects.