Saruni Rhino opens today!

Today is a momentous day in black rhino conservation and new experiences in East Africa. Saruni Rhino is now open in the vast 350,000 acre Sera Conservancy in northern Kenya. Eleven black rhino have been relocated back to northern Kenya after an absence of over 30 years and your guests can now stay at Saruni Rhino and track them on foot, another unique experience from Saruni.

More information:

  • Sera Conservancy is the first community conservancy in Africa to own and operate a sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of black rhino;
  • Saruni Rhino is probably one of the smallest lodges in Kenya located within the maximum amount of space, Sera is the combined size of Hong Kong and Luxemburg;
  • There are just two open, stone ‘banda’ cottages sleeping up to six people in total;
  • Guests need to be over 16 to experience the black rhino tracking;
  • Guests must stay a minimum of two nights at Saruni Samburu and a minimum of two nights at Saruni Rhino  (Saruni Rhino cannot be booked in isolation);
  • Scheduled flights from Nairobi land daily at nearby Kalama airstrip.  Sera Conservancy has two private airstrips;
  • Guests can also visit the newly opened Reteti Elephant Orphanage and The Singing Wells.

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  • Should you require anything else, please feel free to ask: or