Safarilink Departure Lounge

Safarilink is delighted to announce that we have finally been granted KAA approval to board passengers on domestic services directly from our dedicated and secure lounge.

Safarilink invested over $100,000 in state of the art security equipment to comply with KCAA and KAA stringent security conditions – a process that started over two years ago! The equipment, together with extensive CCTV coverage in both the external perimeters and internal areas of the lounge meet more than the minimum standards required and therefore provide a safe and secure environment for all our passengers.

The lounge, which has a seating capacity of over 100 people, caters exclusively for Safarilink passengers, with free Wi-fi and excellent food from the coffee shop thereby ensuring a smooth, comfortable and hassle-free airport experience from checking in to departure.

We were honoured that Hon Balala, CS Ministry of Tourism, could grace us with his presence to inaugurate the first boarding process from our lounge.

Safarilink passengers will now have more time to relax and enjoy our facilities prior to their departure. 

We take this opportunity to thank you for your support and patience over the time it has taken to achieve this.