North Island Seychelles White-eye census shows positive results

North Island is thrilled to announce the results of the recent Seychelles White-eye census that took place on the Island in October 2016, revealing that the population of this endangered endemic bird has quadrupled since it was first reintroduced in July 2007. From just 25 birds, there are now estimated to be up to 105 individuals on North Island, around one sixth of the current global population.

As part of North Island’s intensive Noah’s Ark rehabilitation project, 25 Seychelles White-eyes were released on the Island over a two-week period in July 2007. At the time of their reintroduction, the Seychelles White-eye was listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and the global population was estimated at 350-400 individuals. North Island was deemed an ideal island on which to introduce this rare bird, due to its large size, ongoing habitat rehabilitation and rat-free status. 

The Seychelles White-eye is now downlisted to Vulnerable status, and is endemic to only four granitic islands in Seychelles."The positive results of North Island’s latest census results are a testament to the rehabilitation work that has been done as part of North Island and Wilderness Safaris’ shared vision of marrying conservation and ecotourism to restore the unique biodiversity of the Seychelles to the Island,” said CJ Havemann, North Island’s Environmental Manager.