Kenya Wildlife Service declares a 'non-cash' Park entry fees

The Kenya Wildlife Service – the authority responsible for the National Parks as well as wildlife reserves in addition to the national tourism sector of Kenya just recently has issued a new policy that includes a chance in the mode of payment used to enter into the different national parks and reserves within the country. they have introduced a policy that no longer involves paying cash at the gates while on Safari in Kenya rather use of any of these services which include: MPseas, mobile money as well as  VISA Card in addition to different bank deposits through either Standard Chartered Bank or Kenya Commercial Bank. They added that this new policy is to be effected immediately.  

Response by Kenya Tourism Stakeholders

Many stakeholders in the tourism sector have openly declared their dissatisfaction with this new policy saying that despite the fact that the Kenya Wildlife Service wants to overcome the challenge of issuing fraud receipts at the different park entry gates, this new policy is not the most appropriate solution. In their view, they claim that it has not favoured holidaymakers who make short-notice demands to visit these places and yet they surely don’t have quick access to the newly introduced payment plans despite the fact that they may have their cash to pay at the gates.

We should remember that the tourism sector is among the leading contributors to Kenya’s economy, and now with this cash-no basis no longer being a valid option, let's remain watchful and see how the Kenyan government best plans to effect this policy without keep bothering any of the stakeholders in its tourism industry.