Kaya Mawa - Nkwazi Primary Back to School with a Splash of Colour

Back to school came with much excitement as the children at Likoma’s Nkwazi Primary School were welcomed back with a splash of colour and newly renovated classrooms. 




With 11 classrooms, assembly hall and library, the school educates 476 students from the surrounding villages. This year Kaya Mawa assisted with re-plastering classrooms, repairing damaged roofs and exterior walls from termite and storm damage and brightening up the school with a fresh coat of paint.


Over the years Kaya Mawa and our supporters have assisted Nkwazi primary school in various projects from building kitchen facilities, assisting with school uniforms, sponsoring children’s school fees and providing school books and stationery. The establishment, maintenance and handover of these facilities are all part of Kaya Mawa’s contribution to sustainable development on the island.


Education has been at the forefront of Kaya Mawa community responsibility. 10 years ago a project called ‘Island Child’ was conceived, with the aim to support students unable to pay for their education. To date over a thousand children have benefited in some shape or another, whether it be receiving a full scholarship or simply being provided with pens and paper.


In the last few years, this has been taken a step further with the building of two primary schools in conjunction with a UK charity and last a year a community centre and centre for the disabled was completed.


Should you like to get involved, please let us know! 

Contact sarah@kayamawa.com