Go on safari from anywhere in the world!

Rhino Africa has released a new and innovative ‘Virtual Safari’ for viewers to experience the beauty of Africa in a new and exciting way. Utilising specially-designed 360° video equipment, Rhino Africa has ventured into the African bush to capture unique footage of Africa’s animals. 

Rhino Africa is the first company to launch a ‘Virtual Safari’, which aims to provide an experience as close as possible to the real thing. The videos aim to whet the appetite for Africa and showcase its experiences like never before. Ryan Rapaport, Rhino Africa’s Creative Director, explains, “At Rhino Africa we have access to the most incredible places in Africa. We wanted to give everyone a way of experiencing what it would be like for them to be here.”

The best way to experience 360° is through a virtual reality headset which really brings the experience to life. But even without a headset, the world is able to view this 360° content on their desktop or mobile devices and feel what it is like to walk with lions or play with elephants. Rapaport says, “We want to open up the safari experience to a much broader worldwide audience, bringing these wild animals into the palm of your hand - no matter where you are in the world. From the comfort of your home, you can experience the best of Africa and see this continent’s animals like never before.”

Rhino Africa’s media team recently returned from Botswana where they captured their first videos for the series. Their first released video shows footage of a mob of playful meerkats leaving their burrow in the morning. This is just one of many 360° wildlife videos in their pipeline. They intend to release one a month for the foreseeable future.

This ground-breaking footage is another step along Rhino Africa’s innovative quest to provide an immersive experience at every touch point. As Rapaport says, “We can’t wait to release more videos, push the 360° medium ever further than thought possible and take our viewers on an incredible journey before their real journey has even begun.” 

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