Jenman African Safaris is breaking the taboo of menstruation in Zimbabwe

Jenman African Safaris’ Grow Africa Foundation has partnered with Subz Pads to bring much needed attention to the taboo topic of menstruation in Zimbabwe by providing girls at Dingani Primary School in Hwange with washable sanitary pads and panties.

One out of ten teenage girls throughout Africa’s most rural regions misses a considerable amount of school each year, as much as 25 % annually, due to the humiliation and stigma related to menstruation. As they do not have access to or cannot afford basics such as sanitary pads, they are forced to improvise by using mattress foam, rags, feathers, leaves and even newspaper which is not only humiliating but ineffective. Their menstrual hygiene impacts these young girls’ education, health and their overall future.

Jenman African Safaris’ responsible tourism initiative Grow Africa has joined the fight to give these girls a chance to stay in class. “The shame associated with having a period is sometimes too much to bear for teenage girls – and so they skip school” says Katja Quasdorf, CEO at Jenman African Safaris, “A girl’s period should not hold her back from her future so we are getting involved to make an impact on this issue whilst joining the fight to break to the taboo of menstruation in Africa.”

Different from what many people believe, menstrual health is not just a “women’s issue”. Female hygiene should be at the top of each government’s list of priorities.

Penya translated from Shona means “to shine” and this project’s core objective is to empower entire generations of teenage girls to have a brighter future. Subz Pads will also be hosting a series of educational workshops and motivational talks to encourage these young women to focus on building their careers ahead.

As a responsible tourism operator and conservation-driven business, Jenman African Safaris strives to not only make a positive impact on the environment but on the rural communities and the economy of the areas we operate in as well.

Jenman African Safaris is aiming to raise R 75 000 to supply each of Dingani Primary School’s Grade 6 and 7 girls with a set of Subz panties and pads on an on-going and sustainable basis, as well as providing educational workshops.