Jenman African Safaris appoints new CEO

Jenman African Safaris has appointed Katja Quasdorf as Chief Executive Officer.

“I’m excited for the leadership change for Jenman African Safaris as it will streamlinedecision-making, implementation and communication for the company,” says Garth Jenman, Managing Director and founder of Jenman African Safaris.

Quasdorf joined the Jenman team 12 years ago as an intern and through her tireless passion for the company, travel and conservation, has played an integral part in steering the company forwards.

Katja Quasdorf brings to her role as the new CEO a successful history in various positions at Jenman since 2005 coupled with a background of tourism studies, extensive travel in Southern Africa, East Africa and Madagascar and a thorough understanding of the market,” says Garth Jenman.

With a new focus on implementing the company strategy and direction through a senior management team, Quasdorf will be involved in overseeing the company’s culture, values, and behaviour and strategic input in business development and the growth of Jenman African Safaris.