Tshirts to help secure a future for elephants

Shop with Purpose this Christmas

Free UK P&P at the Real World Store for ATTA members with code TRADE.

The Real World Store is the online store for UK based safari specialist Real Africa. Via their charity the Real Africa Trust (UK registered charity No 1149508) they sell a range of merchandise with profits donated to wildlife conservation partners. Real Africa’s Tshirt campaign aims to sell 1100 Tshirts this Christmas and New Year in aid of charity Save the Elephants, raising enough money to pay for a squad of 3 anti-poaching scouts to work for one year.

Save the Elephants (STE), founded by Dr Iain Douglas Hamilton conduct vital research on elephant behaviour and ecology and pioneered GPS radio tracking in Africa to provide fresh insight into the life of elephants. 

The ivory trade and accelerating habitat and range loss have put African elephant populations at risk. With the price of wholesale raw ivory tripling in recent years and African elephants being slaughtered at a rate of 100 a day, it is entirely possible that the species will be extinct in the next decade without urgent global action.

The money raised by Real Africa from a single elephant Tshirt is enough to support an anti-poaching ranger for 1 day. Every single purchase counts and by buying any of the items from the Real World Store, shoppers are directly contributing to conservation.