A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Organic social traffic will get harder in 2017. Your business needs to start focussing on how to address this now.

TIP: Organic social traffic gets harder

Earning attention in a digital world was straightforward at first. You earned it by growing likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter. No need to beg the gatekeepers or pay the newspaper and media moguls. But that is changing..

Due to too much content and too little space, Facebook, Instagram and others have removed chronological timeline updates. They are starting to make you invisible unless you pull out the credit card. Social media is just becoming another paid media.

Don’t put all your marketing eggs in the social media basket. It is time you pursued a multi channel strategy, here are some tips to get you on track:

- Optimize for search engines so you rank on the first page of Google

- Build email lists so you can reach your own audience without a Google or Facebook algorithm blocking or filtering your content and updates.

Information from: http://www.jeffbullas.com

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