A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Influencer Marketing Is All the Rage

TIP: Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing trend of them all - and for a good reason.

Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing trend of them all - and for a good reason. People are looking for genuine opinions and reviews by real people before they make decisions on purchases, and influencers and opinion leaders - the people they already follow and trust, fit that mould perfectly. Here are three ways you can become influencer marketing savvy with your brand.

1) Content Distribution and Syndication

When it comes to content marketing, consider how to better use your owned media channels (website, email list, social properties, employees) to distribute your content. Then tap into other audiences, like Africa Geographic's, that are interested in your product, to syndicate your content.

2) Influencer Marketing

Research the top 10 to 20 people who are strong influencers in your industry and invest in building relationships with them. These influencers can quickly create brand credibility, amplify brand content, and make introductions, all in a way that can be extremely impactful compared to paid media programs.

3) Account-Based Marketing

Many marketers are embracing account-based marketing. Social media lends itself to this approach. For example, you should be filling your social channels with decision makers and influencers from your target companies. Tagging and tapping in to the top influencers in your industry and introducing them to your brand this way can help give your content a wider reach potential.

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