Saruni, the portfolio of luxury properties in Kenya, is launching the first ever opportunity in East Africa to track on-foot the majestic black rhinos.

Opening in February 2017, the new safari property is called Saruni Rhino and is located in Sera Community Conservancy, a vast wildlife reserve 350,000 hectares-large situated in spectacular Northern Kenya. This marks the return of the black rhinos to the land of the Samburu warriors after an absence of 25 years and marks an historical achievement for conservation in Kenya.

Sera Community Conservancy is the first community conservancy in Africa to own and operate a sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of this iconic species. The relocation of the black rhinos from other parks has been facilitated by Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). Since 2004, NRT has been the model of community-based wildlife conservation. After years of hard work, substantial investment and determined commitment by Sera Community members and NRT, the Sera Rhino Sanctuary was established in May 2015.

Now Saruni Rhino will provide a unique walking safari experience tracking black rhino on-foot, accompanied by expert Saruni guides and highly-trained Sera Community Conservancy ranger. The rangers are equipped with transmitters connected to a microchip inserted in the horns of the 11 rhinos that communicates their GPS whereabouts throughout the spectacular 54,000-hectares-fenced sanctuary. This will enable guests to track within metres of the rhinos. The memorable experience will educate and encourage the further protection of the species for future generations. For further enquiries, contact