A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Adding a call to action in blogs

TIP: Encourage readers to click through to your website or special by including a call to action in your blog posts.

Adding a call to action in your blogs: 

Apart from creating great brand visibility, content marketing has the ability to drive people directly to your website when you use it properly. Adding a ‘call to action’ (CTA) in your content gives readers a direction to follow. Want them to follow a certain link to find out more about a tour or special that you are offering? Tell them!

Readers will rarely click on a link unless they know what they are clicking on. By telling them something like: ‘Find out more about visiting elephants in the Amboseli here’ you are directing them to a place on your site that has more of what they are looking for.

Without a call to action, readers are not prompted to do anything more than simply read your blog before leaving the website again. Be sure to include CTAs in a subtle way though; creating a blog purely about your product can come across as overly promotional and means that no one is going to want to read or share it, let alone take action. Rather include your offering in a way that fits in organically with the storyline and either adds real value or entertains your readers.

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